What started out as a kid hobby . . . became a career . . .
and all these years later, it’s still FUN!

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What started out as a kid hobby . . . became a career . . .
and all these years later, it’s still FUN!

What started out as a kid hobby . . . became a career . . .
and all these years later, it’s still FUN!

Harry the Magic Rabbit Says...

"At least David finally got rid of that old brown tuxedo and the ruffled shirt. It looked like something from the 90s


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South Africa Trip, April 2007

Photo Spread by John Doyle
CrocODave .... Hey, it’s only a picture! Truth is, we saw crocodiles in this place that were born in 1969, the year Lynne & David Ginn were married!
A Real Baby Rhino ... You never know what you’ll see on a safari night drive. Here’s a baby rhino. John and I considered picking him up and taking him home. The only thing that stopped us was his 4000 pound mother following 20 steps behind!
RhinODave ... I have a way with rhinos. I can walk right up and pet them. I speak their language. Especially if they are made of fiberglass!
Guides and David and Lions, oh, my! … Yep, you never know what you’ll spot on a night drive. At the University of Georgia we used to go get a Coke and an apple pie at 9:00 pm. Instead, in South Africa we drank hot tea in the safari truck, ate cookies and cakes, and watched a LION FAMILY play in the bush!
David’s Playbill ...Look, there’s a magic show playing here! Wait --- it’s a poster of ME, no joke! This guy must be good to travel 17,000 miles to do a show in South Africa!
Patriotic Dave ... It was important to show the South African audience where I was from, so I made a giant American Flag appear from nowhere. Can you say BLENDO?
Amazing Wreaths ... I love these color changing wreaths, and I still often use them in school shows!
Will you help me with trick? …Audience participation is a must in family shows. Here’s the daughter of a South African magician friend.
It’s a hare-raising stunt! …This little girl THINKS she’s wearing a magic top hat, but instead it’s a BUNNY HEAD HAT! Part of the fun is getting through the whole routine without her knowing what’s up there!
All is revealed! .When I finally pull off the Bunny Hat, the girl is really surprised and the audience howls with laughter!
Niagara Falls in Winter! .Here I go, showing off my card dexterity. It helps if the cards are all stapled together!
Flowers Dave … Yes, I had to attempt a magic trick on the beach of the Indian Ocean in South Africa. Hey, the wind nearly blew away $100 worth of feather magic bouquets! You can watch this attempt on YouTube. Go to the BIO in “About David Ginn” and click on the link. You can also see me on safari in the daylight!

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